• Jared Whitehead
  • February 16, 1 PM
  • 3866 EH
We all know how convection works, hot air rises.  So why does anyone care,
isn't such a simple physical mechanism well understood?  Not exactly, even
though convective phenomena are inherent in almost any aspect of nature
(oceanic circulation, convective clouds, boundary layer meteorology, plasma
physics and even the circulation of the earth's mantle) and can be explored
experimentally and numerically as well as observed in a natural setting,
convection with a strong enough forcing will quickly lead to turbulence,
chaotic dynamics, pattern formation, and a host of other interesting and
unsolved problems in physics and mathematics.

We will focus on physical motivations for studying convection, the
derivation and usefulness of the (somewhat) tractable problem of Rayleigh
Benard convection and defining some problems of mathematical interest.